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1925 E 6th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

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    We create
    health programs for everyone

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    Keeping your body in perfect shape.

    We offer diverse health programs that include physical exercises, nutrition plans, yoga and meditation classes.

    01. Programmed Events
    02. Plan Your Own Retreat

    We'll show you the way to better self.

    At Dula, we understand the importance of not just managing, but truly thriving despite chronic diseases. With our deep-rooted commitment to health and well-being, we walk alongside you in your journey, using cutting-edge technology and a genuine understanding of your unique story.

    Our mission is to empower you and your loved ones to reclaim your health, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and a brighter future. Let Dula illuminate your path to a revitalized, better self.

    What we do

    Health programs, yoga events,
    retreats and powerful community, created
    with love and inspiration.

    Michele Washington

    Creative Leader

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